The May Day festival to feature new menu entries!

This year we threw a Chinese New Year party which was much more massive than usually… The whole event have seen hundreds of people participating, dozens of new, special traditional mainland Chinese and Taiwanese dishes being served on the event’s menu…

Also, all of our 100 tables in all the three of our dining halls were booked and occupied!

Every winter, a new Chinese calendar year begins and celebrations abound across the globe erupt…

The origins of this day are steeped in traditional Chinese symbolism and ritual, most famously an animal to represent each cycle, and celebrations can last several days.

As part of this, traditional Chinese food is served. This year was no exception, and that’s why our main chef Chang Kai-shek walked us through the contents of the menu he used:

– Cantonese steamed fish, because fish symbolizes abundance.

– Pan fried golden potstickers, because golden dumplings symbolize ingots of gold ie. wealth and prosperity.


– Sticky rice cake, or “Niangao”, which means you will “rise the ranks” in your career.

– Moss seaweed, because black moss seaweed is a symbol for wealth and prosperity.

– Roast duck

– Roast chicken

– Roast pig (traditionally the animal is served whole because it symbolizes completeness and unity).


All in all, we’ve had more than 500 guests on that night, which did put in a lot of motivation for us to throw more traditionally Chinese theme parties and special menu events later on this year!

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